We found this little kitten on the roadside. His sibling got killed by a car in front of us. Since it was late, we took it home with us for the night. And now it is in the animal shelter. It is such a cute little kitten, Zefanja named him Diego. Hopefully people will come to adopt it from the shelter soon.







10 years!

30th of May, 2007…the day I left everything behind and went to Uganda. Ten years have passed by. Many things happened. Nice things, joyful things, interesting things, sad things. The most incredible thing that happened is that Zefanja came into my life. I can’t imagine being without him. He is such a blessing!!

This picture was made on the day I left home. A very special picture to our family, probably the last one with all of us.




Angel’s mother passed on during labour when Angel was born. Because of lack of oxygen Angel got cerebral palsy and was severe disabled. Every Tuesday her father came with her to Home of Hope for physiotherapy. It was very challenging for Angel’s dad: his wife had died, his daughter was disabled and often really sick, and he has four other children. He did everything he could to make Angel’s life as comfortable as possible. Also mama Edith and her wonderful team helped Angel and her family wherever help was needed.

Yesterday early morning Angel’s dad called me with very sad news: Angel had passed on at 2am in the morning. She got sick Thursday afternoon with pneumonia and got treated for that, but at night it got worse. Her father went back with her to the clinic. Sadly it was too late.

The burial was yesterday afternoon. They buried her where her mother is also buried.

Angel was 1 year and 5 months old.