Take action!

Renske works in Uganda as an independent volunteer. Your support is needed! Please help to enable Renske to do her work. We are looking for spiritual, financial and material support. Please pray that our work – for the children and the poor population of Uganda – may proceed and help where you can!

We need your help to realize Afaayo’s mission. All funds are dedicated to:

  • medical (laboratory) support
  • research and medication
  • livelyhood of Renske and Zefanja
  • insurance
  • travel expenses and other expenses.

Your gifts help to realize Renske’s work. By supporting Renske you support the children of Uganda and their families. Your contributions turn into aid point-blank!

There are several ways to donate. The IBAN/SEPA of Afaayo is NL17RABO0175229473 and the SWIFT/BIC is RABONL2U. The account is registered under ‘Stichting Afaayo Foundation’.

Do you have any questions about supportin Afaayo? Please submit them through the form below and we will get back to you soon.

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