About Renske and Zefanja

Renske en ZefanjaRenske (December 27, 1982)
Back in 2005, Renske worked for nearly two months as a volunteer in Mukono, Uganda. It turned out to be a tremendous experience that lasted. She was impressed by the things that she could do for the children of Africa. In the Netherlands Renske used to work as an analyst at the University Medical Center in the city of Utrecht. Renske believes it is her calling to utilize her knowledge and experience for underprivileged and sick children. In 2007 she returned to Uganda indefinitely. Today she lives and works in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

Zefanja (May 27, 2007)
Coinciding with Renske’s arrival in Uganda was the arrival of Zefanja at the children’s home where she just had started to work. From the very beginning Renske was rather fond of Zefanja. He regularly stayed at her home since he needed extra care. In the end Renske decided to adopt Zefanja. At nearly one year old he moved in with her permanently. The adoption process in Uganda requires the caretaker(s) to complete a minimum of three years as foster parent(s). The adoption could then be formalized through court proceedings. The three years have past and Renske is trying to complete the adoption process. This procedure takes lots of time in Uganda. Zefanja goes to a primary school in Kampala.

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